"Nystagmus" This is what the Dr. call it.


Jace Nelson

That's what the pediatrician called it. I saw the first episode the Wednesday of the week we came home, and it was obvious it bothered him. Then, Thursday came, and the episodes were frequent, about every two minutes. We had our first visit with the pediatrician that day, and while in the room he had four episodes in five minutes. What did it look like? Like his eyes were having a seizure. I tried to think it was nothing, she was going to say that's normal. Nope. Instead, it was Hmm, that's not quite right. My heart dropped in my stomach and I thought I was going to vomit. She said then to wait while she went and called Children's Hospital to talk to the pediatric opthalmologist. When she came back she said she got to talk to the head of the department, and while it sounded like it warranted more investigation, it wasn't an emergency because he was eating, gaining weight, and he could breath and move during an episode. So, we were sent home with a number to call to set up an appointment. When we got home, we called Jessica. During the next week and a half or so before his eye appointment, she worked on him three or four times. The first time, she worked on him for almost two hours,his spine was so compressed, it took the first 45 min. to get him to start unwinding. Afterward, he nursed, and then slept so relaxed and peaceful, it brought tears to my eyes. See, he usually slept with his hands in fists under his chin, with his feet tucked up tight under his belly, a little ball. Now, he was sleeping stretched out, arms straight out across my chest, and legs just bent slightly flat against my stomach. Each time he got worked on, his eyes got better, he became more alert, and his eyes seemed clearer, and more alive. It was amazing. Then when we went back to the pediatrician, for his two week check up, he measured at 21 inches, he was born at 19 inches. We also got to have him worked on at the office were Jessica works, by her boss. The results again were amazing. She was able to work on him for an hour, and there was so much more progress, he started sleeping better and again, his eyes glowed. A few days later it was time to go to opthalmologist in Pewaukee. Everything went fine, he has all his eye structures, and she said for being two and a half weeks old, he has excellent tracking abilities.