Lymph Drainage/Swollen Aching Leg



Testimonial 4.7.14 This client will be celebrating her 1 year anniversary with Ayurveda Manual Therapies!
"I am 72, a mother of 11, a grandmother of 28, and 12 greatgrand children. I do volunteer work 3 days a week totaling 15 hours weekly. I would arrive home at the end of the day exhausted and unable to function. I found myself going to bed at 7-7:30. I started treatment because of a brown recluse spider bite that had damaged the lymph drainage in my left leg. This caused the leg to stay swollen and ache. My walking was labored. I had good days and bad. I was trying to decide if I should continue with my volunteer work. After 6 months of weekly massage, Myofascial stretching, Lymph Drainage and Ionic foot detox I can now engage in 22-25 volunteer hours a week! When I get home I am tired but not exhausted. I can still function and not go to bed any earlier than 9, often later"