Case History 1


Jessica Jensen

Case history 17year old female presents with scoliosis showing 70degree curvature of the upper thoracic spine. Visual R Lateral protrusion of thoracic spine. Other findings R pelvic elevated. Also has had extensive dental work done with stretching of the palate. (one of the symptoms of cranial imbalance particularly of the sphenoid and the palate is scoliosis) Began treatment with Myofascial Release working the R/L trapezius, serratus anterior and posterior superior, latissimus Doris, levitator scapulae, rhomboids major/minor. Finished session with CranioSacral work releasing any adhesions in the occipital bone, frontal bone, sphenoid, temporals, parietals. Patient comments that upon laying supine she was laying flatter on the table, more comfortable. The pain had dropped from a 6 to a 3 Continued similar treatment for 2 more sessions. After the 3rd session pt was instructed in stretches and foam roller exercise. Patient continued to feel improvement and pain remained 0-3 6th treatment began a series of 8Raindrop treatments along with the MFR and CranioSacral Therapy. As these treatment progressed her friends (unsolicited) were commenting that they noticed a visual improvement in the curvature of her spine. That the appearance was a much softer not as protruding curve.