Kay B. Meyer

Hello B: It is my great pleasure to introduce you to Jessica Jensen LMT CST, another recent Midwest transplant. Jessica is one of the most skilled and insightful massage therapists I have experienced. She has multiple certifications in MFR, Cranial-Sacral treatment strategies, et al. Jessica truly understands the mind-body connection for both children and adults with pain, attention, neuro issues. I wish she still lived nearby---I would love to partner with her on an SLP/MFR presentation--perhaps at The Voice Foundation one year. I am getting powerful results in voice patients. (Have you read or consulted with B. Asher, MD, ENT regarding MFR?) On a personal note, Jessica's treatment plan has permanently reduced my foot pain, she provided my daughter with stress-reduction skills, and she was my inspiration in taking the MFR courses myself. We have problem solved a number of client issues. Jessica has been a great voice of encouragement as I develop my new-style private practice here in Illinois. I hope you are able to connect. Kind Regards, Kay B. M.