I had no Pain...



Sunday July 17 2007 After Myofascial Release, Cranio/Sacral Therapy and Raindrop Technique: I just had to tell you , I drove home yesterday, Saturday. I have to report I HAD NO PAIN (COMPARATIVELY SPEAKING) AND I WAS ABLE TO GET UP EARLY ENOUGH TO GET TO THE MEETING. i even went into town first and got a cup of coffee. i was very tired during the meeting, BUT i have not had to take any pain meds for traveling. plus after i got home i thought about it and i hardly used any pain medicine the whole time i was down there!!!!! normally i have to take something at least 1x a day, but i think i had 1 day that i had to take 2 pills, and 2 nights that i took a half of one. im pretty sure that im not having "phantom" pain because i haven???t had the "pain markers" that i usually feel. so ===================== the only thing i can attribute this phenomenon to is the unwinding and raindrop treatment i had. i owe you big time. i am just delighted about this, and i have to say THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!. I HOPE YOU JUST HAVE AN ABSOLUTELY LOVELY DAY. MARYKAY