Toxic tooth—how a root canal could be making you sick (part four)


“I called the chancellor of the board of regents in New York State and said, 'Your dental board is corrupt. The prosecutor admitted to me that my case was not about justice. It was not about the truth. The dental board had an agenda. They already dismissed this patient’s file as a cause of action.'

Now, I’m not a conspiracy guy. I never thought that this kind of thing could happen. In fact, if somebody would have told me in the years prior that this could happen, I would’ve thought they were crazy. But it did happen to me,” Dr. Kulacz says. “The next day, the attorney from New York State called and said, 'The dental board is going to drop all charges if you will accept a records violation.' They had to have something, otherwise I could go after them for false prosecution.” 

Considering it would have taken several years and a quarter of a million dollars to continue fighting, he accepted the records violation—not realizing this would effectively put him out of business... He kept his dental license, but he never realized accepting the violation would increase his malpractice premium ten-fold—from $8,000 a year to $80,000. After being shut down for a year because of the board's action, he made the painful decision not to reopen. Dr. Kulacz' story is yet another example of what can happen to a professional who bucks the trend.

It's not very different from the case of Ignaz Semmelweis, an ob-gyn and surgeon who, about 150 years ago, was vilified for his theory that microbes cause infection. Semmelweis was labeled "insane" by his colleagues for having the audacity to suggest they should wash their hands between deliveries, and they fired him.

He tried to continue his research but was ostracized by the medical community. His mental health eventually did deteriorate, leading to his death in an insane asylum.

Fortunately for us, Dr. Kulacz wrote a book instead of mulling on the pain and frustration of losing a two decades long career. It's a great resource, with the details necessary to convince most rational individuals that root canals are not in the best interest of your health. And, if you have a root canal tooth, to be cautious and consider having it extracted if indicated. You can also learn more on his website,, or contact him via email at:

Resources to Help You Find a Biological Dentist

The following organizations can help you to find a biological dentist specializing in mercury-free dentistry and other holistic approaches:

-   Consumers for Dental Choice
-   Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions (DAMS). E- 
    mail them at: or call 651-644-
    4572 for an information packet
-  Holistic Dental Association
-  International Academy of Biological Dentistry & 
   Medicine (IABDM)
-  International Academy of Oral Medicine and 
   Toxicology (IAOMT)
-  International Association of Mercury Safe Dentists
-  Talk International 


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