Nervous System Pain Support


Nervous System Pain Support


Source: Barbara Lemke, RN, CCAP [Note: brackets ours].


Peroneal Nerve

[Peroneal nerve injury or] foot drop is caused by

weakness or paralysis of the muscles below the knee

involved in lifting the front part of the foot. The

underlying causes of foot drop are varied. Often,

neurological, muscular, and anatomical problems


Specific foot drop causes may include
Muscle or nerve damage. An injury to the muscles that

control the ankle and toes can cause foot drop.

Sometimes nerve damage — from an injury to the

nerves in the lower spine or leg to the long-term nerve

damage of diabetes  (neuropathy) — causes foot drop.

In other cases, nerve damage occurs during hip or knee

replacement surgery. Pressure to the nerve on the

outside of the shinbone just below the knee (peroneal

or fibular nerve), as you might experience if you sit with

your legs crossed for too long, can trigger
temporary foot drop. 

Muscle or nerve disorders. Various forms of muscular

dystrophy, an inherited disease that causes progressive

muscle weakness, may contribute to foot drop. Various

forms of compartment syndrome, a condition

characterized by the compression of nerves and blood

vessels within an enclosed space, may have the same


Central Nervous System Disorders 

Disorders that affect the spinal cord or brain — such as

amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) [or Lou Gehrig’s

Disease], multiple sclerosis, or stroke — may cause foot

drop. Here's what you a can do to support the body. 

How MSM Works to Control Pain 
When fluid pressure inside cells is higher than outside,

pain is experienced.

The MSM [Methylsulfonylmethane] found in Sulfurzyme

equalized fluid pressure inside the cells by affecting the

protein envelope of the cell so that water transfers freely

in and out. The Young Living Essential Oils have been

shown to stay in the body 5-7 days after application and

wrap around the nerve sheathing to ride the nervous 

system through the body.

How to Use Essential Oil for Pain Control 
PanAway is a powerful support for pain reduction. When

applied on location or to the Vita Flex points on the feet,

it can act within seconds. Alternate it with Relieve It. 
These 2 blends are a powerful combination for deep-

tissue pain support as well as bone-related pain. 

For Tired, Fatigued Muscles 
Tired muscles may be lacking in minerals such as calcium

and magnesium. Mega Cal and Mineral Essence are

excellent sources of both trace and macro minerals and

good for all muscle conditions. 

General Rules: 
When selecting oils for injuries, think through the cause

and type of injury and select oils for each segment. For

instance, whiplash could encompass muscle damage,

nerve damage, ligament damage, inflammation, bone

injury, and possibly emotions. Select oils for each

perceived problem and apply. 

Nerve Disorders 
Nerve disorders usually involve peripheral or surface

nerves and include neuritis, neuropathy, neuralgia,

Bell’s palsy, and carpal tunnel syndrome. 

In contrast, neurological diseases are usually associated

with deep neurological disturbances in the brain, and

these conditions include ALS, MS, and Parkinson’s


Mega Cal used with Omega Blue helps provide calcium,

magnesium, and natural lipids necessary to maintain

nerve signal transmissions along neurological pathways.

Sulfur deficiency is often present withnerve problems.

Sulfur requires calcium and vitamins B and C for the

body to metabolize it. Super B, Super C, and Sulfurzyme

work well together to help repair nerve damage and the

myelin sheath. 

CAUTION: Never use hot packs for neurological

problems. Always use cold packs to reduce pain and

inflammation. In other words, reduce the temperature of

the damage site.

Other oils to use for nerve damage are: 
10 drops Juniper 
10 drops Peppermint 
10 drops Helichrysum 
1/2 oz. of V-6 

Copaiba would be great to reduce the inflammation and

magnify the action of the other oils. 

Connective Tissue Trauma 
Deep Relief. Formulated for the convenient relief of

muscle soreness and tension. Soothes sore joints and

ligaments, helps calm stressed nerves, and reduces

inflammation. This powerful blend contains 9 essential

oils, most of which are chosen for their anti-inflammatory

and pain-relieving characteristics. 

Mega Cal and BLM provide critical nutrients for

connective tissue repair. Sulfurzyme, an outstanding

source of organic sulfur, equalizes water pressure inside

the cells and reduces pain. PanAway reduces pain and

Lemongrass promotes the repair of connective tissue.

Lavender with Lemongrass, and Marjoram with 
Lemongrass work well together for inflamed tendons.

Deep Relief is a convenient way to apply a blend of oils

that is both for pain relief and is anti-inflammatory. 

When selecting oils for a specific type of injury, you will

need the appropriate oils. For instance, tendonitis could

encompass muscle damage, nerve damage, ligament

strain/tear, inflammation, infection, and possibly an

emotion. Therefore, select an oil or oils for each 

potential cause and apply in rotation. The emotional

distress may be anger or guilt. The oils in Ortho Sport

and Ortho Ease Massage Oils reduce pain and promote


* * * * * * * *

This is the blend That D. Gary Young gives his patients

and it really works great for pain. My daughter just had

surgery and her dog jumped on her stomach and she

thought that she would never move again. I made up the

second recipe and she drank it and in 15 minutes her

pain decreased and later went away. God Bless, Nancy 

10 drops Vetiver 
10 drops Valerian 
5 drops Helichrysum 
5 drops Clove 
20 Valerian 
10 Helichrysum 
3 Clove 
3 Peppermint 

* * * * * * * *

(**Recommendations are for Young Living Therapeutic

grade essential oils only. Information is for educational

purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure,

or prescribe, and statements have not been evaluated by

the FDA. Please see a qualified physician regarding your

specific symptoms**)


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