Winter Preparedness Treating Wintertime Ills with Essential Oils Testimonials - Part Two


Winter Preparedness: Treating Wintertime Ills with Essential Oils Testimonials


When the governor of New York declared flu emergency in the state, it meant anyone 6 months or older were allowed the flu shot at their local pharmacy store. Usually pharmacists can only administer immunizations to those over 18. Flu epidemic is widespread throughout the 50 states.

But unfortunately when we hear the word FLU we associate it with fear when the reality is it isn’t the flu virus itself that is deadly but when the body is so compromised and the disease continues for weeks where secondary problems like pneumonia, dehydration, bronchitis, and more begin to develop.

What does a compromised immune system mean? It is a person whose defenses are already weak due to a chronic illness, a medication, lack of nutrition especially Vitamins D and B and even the poor state of the body including stress, obesity, and emotional wellbeing.
The media is saying 80% of Americans are getting the flu. But they are failing to mention those that were vaccinated are also getting it. Remember, there are many strains of the flu and it’s my opinion that the current strain and those who have been vaccinated throughout the fall and early winter do not have the same protection. But that’s just my opinion.
I’ve been writing about essential oils and whole food nutritional supplements and how they can effectively help us keep our immune system strong, prevent, and fight off flu and cold faster and naturally. I’ve seen the results with my own family. However, there is power when we receive comments from over 26 readers about their success with essential oils and Young Living’s nutritional supplements. Here are their stories, results and ways of using essential oils and Young Living’s nutritional supplements to prevent flu and get faster results:    - Courtney S.


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The most important thing is always being well informed with key knowledge of how the body heals, the course of illness, and of course having that oil cabinet stocked!!! I wrote a post about the books to support parents learn how to relax and prepare. The fear mongering is upsetting; they want your reaction to be ‘oh no I simply must get a shot!’ Remember, you are not powerless; you just need nature’s most potent healing medicine in your corner!!    - Misty

Every night we are oiling up with Thieves or ImmuPower up our spines, feet and chests.
- Leisa

Inner Defense, NingXia Red, Thieves… lots of water. Flu shot or no flu shot was the question for me. I have never had one and am scared to death to get one. I have not been sick with anything in several years. Starting on the Inner Defense the NingXia Red and using Thieves for the last month I am in clear conscious thinking I will not get the flu or any other bug for that matter.    - Dawn S.

I got the flu the other day, came on me in about 2 hours. I was full blown sick. I started oiling up and taking supplements right away. I’m better in 2 days! I know others that have been suffering for weeks now. It is imperative to have lots of oils and use them regularly.
- Abigail K.

My sister had the flu, we used Inner Defense doubled up on it, we used Clove oil and Nutmeg oil and Peppermint oil on the feet with the Citrus Fresh none of us got sick and she recovered quickly in 2 days! And Ningxia Red of course!    - Aesha


I know the stomach flu is different, but my 1 year old woke up vomiting this morning! I applied Thieves, DiGize, and Peppermint (at different times of course). It started at 7 am. About 15 minutes ago he woke up, smiled, and asked for something to drink! Amazing!
- Pam J.

I’m diffusing (with a timer) Thieves at night every night. I’ll put it on my feet as well at night with some Animal Scents over my feet. RC on my chest if I’m feeling a bit congested. I do not take flu or other immunization shots and haven’t since way before 1999 when I learned about Young Living oils and began this journey. LOVE Young Living oils and oil-enhanced products.    – Portia

The same stomach virus went around too. I just ordered my Golden Kit today that I will be using with my Everyday Essentials Kit. I keep my hands washed a lot during the day, drink lots and lots of water, put a few drops of Essential Oil in the humidifier at night, and try to eat a healthy diet and cutting down on sweets. That goes for the whole household. Even if or when one of the kids pick up germs and bring them home. But, what I was trying to say was their colds or illness doesn’t last long because of using or inhaling Young Living Essential Oils and having a healthy lifestyle.    - Leslie V.

I think that diffusing oils throughout the day made a big difference for me when I was tending sick grandchildren 3 times since November. The one time I did not diffuse oils, I got sick. The other 2, I did not get either flu bug – stomach and respiratory, because I was diffusing various oils throughout the day and into the night. This is in addition to taking oils internally and applying topically.    - Michelle S.

We had it. Hit fast and hard. Fever, chills, headache, cough lasted one day. The next was just cough, congestion. We still have some congestion and coughing but getting better. We did Manuka honey with cinnamon, diffused Eucalyptus and Peppermint (when I am out of Thieves), rubbed Frankincense on feet. And a chest rub!    - Amy G.

2 of my kids had a 24-hour virus on different days. Fever, chills, headache, cough, etc. I put Oregano and Frankincense on their back, Thieves on feet, and rotated diffusing Thieves and Lemon throughout the house for the rest of us. The next morning they were fine! I’ve continued Thieves on feet and praying my 6 month old stays healthy. I love my oils!
- Mary C.

We take Inner Defense capsules, Thieves diluted on feet, neck, chest, on spine, Raindrop Therapy, Ningxia Red, Peppermint or Lavender for fever, Lemon Oil in water, ImmuPower on feet and spine, Frankincense on feet and chest. Also, if having stomach Issues: Peppermint and DiGize. Respiratory: Raven and R.C. Diffuse Thieves and spray Thieves on surfaces. It really helps knock it out!    - Rhonda S.

I use P73 Oregano oil and Rapha Remedy on our feet! Works very well! We do not get the flu shot at our house or take any antibiotics! The vaccine for flu is a hoax and doesn’t protect against influenza B!    - Tammy L.

We haven’t had it yet. Hopefully not at all. I take my oils every day and my two kids, ages 5 and 7, get Thieves and ImmuPower alternated daily on their feet.    - Brenda S.

My work pretty much forced us to get the flu shot. Afterward, everyone got sick, except me, I had taken about 5 drops of Thieves in water, right after receiving the shot! Love my oils!
- Meddy J.

My husband picked it up at work, but starting the day with Thieves on his feet and RC on his chest, plus Breathe Again rolled on as needed, he recovered in about 5 days. We also added tea with honey and cassia, added rosemary, thyme and oregano to chicken and tomato sauce, and turmeric in curry. However, I will miss his Barry White voice…
- Kreative Lifestyles

Stay hydrated. I use Cedarwood, Thieves, Frankincense, and Peppermint in a bath or put in hot water and steam with a towel over my head. Get lots of sleep. Not having enough rest will keep your energy low. Also, take a salt-vinegar bath. This will cleanse the crud out of your body… then take a cooler shower to rinse, shower as usual. Then apply the oils. I kicked the flu and sinus infection in a couple of days doing this. Massage the glands around your jawline too. Here is a photo on how you can use Thieves.    [- Unnamed Contributor]


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My friend got the flu over the holidays from her daughter and son-in-law. They got really sick for like 10 days, but my friend was able to beat it in about 2 days by drinking a lot of Ningxia and putting Thieves on the bottom of her feet, and diffusing it. She catches bugs very easily. If anything is going around she will get it. In the past she would get very sick and it would take her forever to get rid of whatever she caught. But lately, she’s been able to kick out whatever she picks up very quickly using just Ningxia and Thieves. I think she might also be taking Inner Defense. To summarize, here is a list of basic essential oils for your medicine box:


NingXia Red
Inner Defense

I take 4-5 drops on my tongue of Lavender and then some Peppermint 1-2 drops to help my sinuses. When it is bad I take Melrose, Thieves, Inner Defense internally and maybe a steam inhalation therapy.    [- Unnamed Contributor]


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Influenza Recipe

Thank you, Dr. Catherine Evans Rött for this recipe!

Cold/Flu Recipe for Bath:

2 drops Eucalyptus radiata
6 drops Frankincense
3 drops Cypress
6 drops Spruce
15 drops Ravensara
1 drop Wintergreen

Stir the above oils thoroughly into 1/4 cup of Epsom salts or baking soda. Then add the mixture to hot bath water while filling the tub. Soak in hot bath water until it cools, breathing in the oils deeply. Relax and visualize yourself feeling healthy and happy.


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