Winter Preparedness: Treating Wintertime Ills with Essential Oils Testimonials – Part One


Winter Preparedness: Treating Wintertime Ills with Essential Oils Testimonials – Part One


NOTE: In the original 12/29/14 posting of this article, the oil 'Ravintsara' was incorrectly refered to as the similarly named 'Ravensara' in the second paragraph below. This has now been corrected to the correct oil name, Ravintsara. In Part Two of this series, please note that Ravensara is correctly mentioned. Apologies for any confusion this may have caused.


With winter having officially set in, many people are searching for alternative ways to combat seasonal illnesses. Here are a few testimonials from people who have used Young Living Essential Oils (Source: Barbara Lemke, RN, CCAP [Note: brackets ours].


Here is a pneumonia protocol that I used this year and it really helped to break things up. 10 drops Rosemary, 8 drops Ravintsara, 8 drops Frankincense, 2 drops Oregano, 2 drops Peppermint. Mix with carrier oil [e.g. sesame seed, coconut, or grapseed oil]. Rub on spine, back, chest, and massage.

Another recipe: Take 6 drops Oregano, 6 drops Thyme, 6 drops Frankincense in a capsule. Next capsule 6 drops Lemon and 12 drops Peppermint. Take every 12 hr. I just made a great combination to use for the flu. My granddaughters came down with the flu. They came and stayed with me so the rest of the family would not come down with it and too they wanted grandma to take care of them. Kimber first and then Katy two days later. I applied Idaho Tansy about 4-6 drops on each foot and then I added Oregano and last came Peppermint. I did this 3 times a day and the next day they were able to go back to school. Of course, I also use DiGize for the upset stomach. You would be very surprised in how great [this] combination smells. Idaho Tansy is antimicrobial and an immune stimulate, Oregano is antiviral, antibacterial, and an immune stimulant. Peppermint is anti-inflammatory, antiviral and digestive stimulant, pain reliever [please refer to the Essential Oils Desk Reference Manual by Young Living Essential Oils]. 


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Here is why I choose Oregano to use with this combination. This is an awesome testimony...


Hello Everyone,

From time to time I take my Nancy to an ND Scientist who specializes in viruses, bacteria, parasites, and of course cancer. It's a long story, but mainly we go to have her blood checked. The doctor knows I am with Young Living Essential Oils. So when I called to make an appointment, he asked if I had an unopened bottle of Oregano and if so please bring with, I would like to test it.

I have never presented Young Living to him as my main objective. I was there for care for Nancy; in due time and the right time of course I will.

When we walked in, there was a lady leaving who had influenza. The doctor checked Nancy’s blood under the scope and then asked if I brought the Oregano. I handed the bottle to him and he said “I want to tell you something about Gary Young but first I need to get something to test this with from the other room.” When he came back, he started to talk about the test procedure and I reminded him he was going to tell me something about Gary. Yes indeed he was.

“Your Gary Young is a genius when it comes to essential oils and is considered a genius in the scientific community. He has without a doubt the best farms in the U.S. and second to none in the world,” said the doctor. Guess who's gloating hearing all of this? Next, he said “aside from that he also has built the best distillers in the world. All of his studies of the oils around the world have sure paid off and of course the contribution of his formulations and writings has put him on top of a select group.”

While he was talking he opened the Oregano and said, "You were right Maurice, this is good stuff, no need to test it as it has the smell of carvacrol in it, the oil is perfect as is the color." Trust me folks, I had no idea this man new so much about essential oils.

Next, [he said] “Would you like to see what your oregano will do to influenza? I have it on a slide from the lady who just left. Look in the [microscope] first to see what it looks like.” It was a black spidery mass surrounded by blood. “Now her sample is between two slides and we will apply the Oregano to the edge. If it is as good as I say, it will suck the black mass to it and you will see the mass turn white. This means of course that it is destroyed.” He applied the oil to the edge of the slide and said “look now into the scope and tell me what is happening.” I was amazed. The Oregano was pulling the black mass toward it and the mass was turning white.

I then asked him for advice on anthrax. How would he use Thyme. He said he would bond Thyme and Oregano and take internally. Bond I replied? “Yes, it has to bond or it will not work. Take a glass flask and drop in your Thyme. Next, put your carrier oil [e.g. sesame seed, coconut, or grapseed oil] in and mix. Now add the Oregano and mix. This is how you bond two oils and they must bond [1:1 ratio] or it's a waste and will do no good.” [Note that the body can only absorb about 80% of oils taken via capsules whereas closer to 100% of the oils can be absorbed by the body through applying them under the tongue or to the inside of the cheek].

There you have it. What an exciting day.


- Maurice


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We are thrilled that over the last 11 years we have found a better way and we need not fear 'dis-ease' because of the knowledge we have gained about Therapeutic Essential Oils and supplements from Young Living.

This is what we are doing daily to protect ourselves:

1. Diffusing daily (Thieves and Lemon). About 15 minutes morning, noon, and night.
2. We use ImmuPower each morning on our feet.
3. We always carry with us Thieves and Peppermint... use whenever in crowds (mouth).
4. We drink lots of pure water with lemon oil.
5. We stay on a maintenance cleanse for both colon and liver.
6. We build our immune system by using supplements of ImmuPro.
7. We build our pH by using Alkalime and MultiGreen.
8. If we feel run down... we beef up on using oils in capsules internally.
9. We have NingXia Red at least twice a day.

These are just a few of the things we do daily plus we use no chemicals on or in our bodies. All of the skin, hair, toothpastes, and mouth wash come from Young Living and are chemical free.

Have no fear and take care of yourselves. 

Let others know there is a better way to stay well!

- Rich and Shauna


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I cannot get over how effective the combination of Young Living's Eucalyptus Blue, Citrus Fresh, Copaiba, and Ocotea oils are at stopping the flu in its tracks. I got really sick Monday night. Woke up Tues to cough, streaming nose, screaming headache, and body aches. There's a major swine flu epidemic at WSU here in Ogden, UT (a professor friend of mine just died from complications). So I muscle tested for the oils that I needed and came up with this blend. Took three doses that day - one in the morning, one in afternoon, and one after dinner (5 drops of Eucalyptus Blue, 4 drops Ocotea, 4 drops Citrus Fresh, and 5 drops Copaiba in a gel cap). 

For my second dose, I increased the E.B to 8 drops, the Ocotea to 5 drops, the Citrus Fresh to 5 drops, and the Copaiba to 8 drops (same with the 3rd dose). Within an hour after taking the 2nd capsule, I could feel the virus STOP! My head began to clear, my chest loosened right up, and I could breathe without coughing. I was absolutely stunned! 

By Tuesday evening (less than 24 hours after starting to feel ill): no more running nose or cough, my body had quit hurting, still had a headache - but it was down from "screaming" to "nagging". 

I stayed home Wed to sleep and get extra rest. Took two more doses of the combo. 

By Thursday I was completely well and haven't even had a sniffle since! It was like it had never happened. This was a record recovery for me - especially since I have been diagnosed with an auto-immune disease and people with "impaired immune function" supposedly just get really, really sick with these viruses and are the ones dying from them (last year I was incredibly sick for almost 3 months with some viral thing that I believe was this [flu] thing - wish I'd thought of this combo then!!). All I have to say to that is "Really? I don't think so!" Just had to share.

Hope you feel better very soon!

- Michelle Manning-Kogler


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