The Liver - Part One


The Liver


Healthy, vibrant, beautiful skin starts at the liver. As one of the most important detoxifying organs in the body the liver has the greatest number of functions - known to have over 5,000 chemical functions per day affecting every cell in the body, with over one liter of blood passing through the liver every minute. When the liver is taxed from toxins, the skin excretes these toxins and poisons in the body... yuck! What we eat is reflected in our face. Cleaning up the diet will show on your face, I know I have seen it happen on myself!



What does the liver have to do with Cellulite?


A lot! Those cellulite fat dimples, they contain toxins that are in your body; toxins that were never eliminated by the liver.



What Overloads the Liver?


Pollutants from our food (everything from additives to chemicals used in AgriBusiness), water, air, drugs, chlorination, fluoridation, household cleaning products, air fresheners, out-gassing of products we bring into our homes, to name just some. While we cannot remove all toxins from our lives, we can do what we can do - and that is a lot and will help make a difference in our overall health and our physical appearance.



Symptoms of an Overloaded Liver


Skin irritations, blemishes, acne, psoriasis, eczema, allergies, itchy skin, hives, heart burn, bloating, general fatigue, nausea, yellow discoloration of skin/eyes, loss of appetite, dark colored urine, loss of energy, brownish spots on the skin, depression, and crankiness.



Simple Dietary Tips for Liver Health


Everything we eat passes through our liver, so it's a good idea to pay a bit more attention to what goes down the hatch.


1. Increase fiber: fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains


2. Seasonings: use herbs and lemon juice in cooking to provide more flavor, fewer calories, and less fat.


3. Cooking Oils: the RIGHT fats are nothing to fear! For cooking purposes, Coconut Oil is superior over all others. It can take a higher heat than even high a heat olive oil; it tastes great, much healthier than Canola Oil (which I refuse to ingest). Coconut and olive oils are oils that the human body has evolved with; staying closer to these types of fat are beneficial as our bodies know how to process them. The other oils are foreign substances and do not benefit us in any way whatsoever, no matter what the media claims.


Tip: Reserve your Olive Oil for a condiment at the table or after food is cooked. Think about this - you know how YL processes their essential oils without high heat because it fractures the molecules? Well, when your olive oil smokes the molecules are fractured and any health benefits are completely gone! Not only that but chemically the structure is changed rendering it a quite 'unhealthy' food. So remember not overheat your olive oil if you choose to cook with it.


4. Sweeteners: avoid sugar substitutes like the plague. They are extremely toxic and will cause liver and brain damage, to say the absolute least. A good replacement which is low-glycemic is Young Living's Blue Agave nectar, it's yummy and healthy (#3221 -8 oz. or 3224 - 32 oz.)


You may also want to know that Hershey's has requested that Monsanto create a Genetically Modified sugar beet - yup, that means your candy treats and now an entire host of other sweetened products will contain this GM sugar beet. Products containing GM sugar beet juice are probably hitting store shelves right now. Read the article...


5. Supplements and/or YL Essential Oils are a terrific way to cleanse and detoxify the liver. Here are some suggestions:


Single Essential Oils:

Ledum (#3579), Helichrysum (#3563), Geranium (#3554), Sage (#3632), Rosemary (#3626), Roman Chamomile (#3512). You would use these with a carrier oil (such as YL V-6 Massage Oil, or olive oil). A couple drops with a couple drops of carrier oil and rub onto skin over the liver area.


Essential Oil Blends:

These two essential oils blends were created to specifically to help support and detoxify the liver:

JuvaCleanse (#3395), and JuvaFlex(#3375)


JuvaFlex Application:

Apply topically, put a couple drops in your palm and rub over the liver.


JuvaCleanse Application:

One drop in a veggie capsule (#3193) with a little olive oil. Or, one drop in a glass of goat's milk. You would use JuvaCleanse whenever you want to help your body release/clean-up those built up toxins in your liver and fat tissues.


Dried or fresh herbs that are also helpful: Burdock, Beet Powder and beet juice (read more here), dandelion, red clover (you want the actual 'flower', not the cheap leaf parts), yellow dock, milk thistle seed (grind it up slightly so that the nutrition in the seed can come out), and Oregon grape root. All of these can make a delicious tea; do not steep your tea for longer than 6 minutes as longer releases the bitter tannins (which you do not want to be drinking). I love adding burdock and yellow dock root to soups and stews, just toss in a couple tablespoons early on during cooking (if you don't want the texture - make a little cheesecloth bundle and tie it tight with food quality string and toss it in the pot, remove before serving).


6. Household Cleaners: thankfully we have the non-toxic Young Living Thieves Household Cleaner (#3743). The Thieves Cleaner can be used to clean and disinfect every surface in the home (dilution ratios for tasks is printed on the label), which allows us to completely get rid of forever all those nasty poisonous products that make us and our families ill and diseased.


7. Air Freshening: All of the air freshening/germ killing products on the market are extremely toxic and many are carcinogenic (cancer causing) - again thankfully we have the essential oils to eliminate odors, kill germs and viruses, and keep our homes/cars/workplace smelling GREAT!


Of course you can get your essential oil into the air by means of one of the 3 Young Living diffusers, running them for 15-30 minutes a day will make a huge difference in your ability to ward off colds and flus.


Another thing I like to do is make a spray bottle. This allows me to freshen up surfaces between cleanings, target objects such as phones, light switches, door handles, spritz my bed linens each morning so they smell FABULOUS when I hit the sack, bring humidity back into the air during dry winter months, freshen closets and drawers, and as an air freshener. Here's how to make this great smelling nontoxic air freshener:


You'll need a:

32 oz. water spray bottle

30 drops of the Young Living essential oil(s) of your choice


Just put the essential oils and water in the bottle, give a shake every so often and spritz those germs, bacteria, and odors away.


One of my most favorite spray bottle combination of oils are:

10 drops Thyme

8 drops Spearmint

6 drops Tangerine, or Orange

4 drops Rosemary

1 drop Patchouli

Cellulite + Liver + Lymph


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