Stressed Out Stretches

Stressed Out Stretches from Jessica Nelson LMT CST on Vimeo

As with all our stretches be sure you are familiar with the beginning process of stretching. To ensure no injury is caused read this post if you have not already.

Introductory Information

Had a tough day? Computer giving you problems? Last-minute shopping? Important meeting coming up? Need to relax? There come those inevitable times during the day when our body signals to us that it has had an overdose of stress. Don’t let tension build up and ruin your hard work. Pace yourself throughout the day. Drink plenty of water. Take frequent stretch breaks. Breathe deeply and take a few minutes to do these stretches.

Clasp your hands together, rotate the right over the left. Pushing the left backwards. then twist the right.

Now, raise your shoulders to your ears. Hold for a count of five. Let your shoulders gently fall back to the starting position. Repeat two times.

Clasp your hands and push them out in front of your body, holding for a count of ten.Try to elongate through the shoulders. Repeat two times.

Reach around with your left hand and grasp your right. With your right hand grasp your left elbow, and twist to the right. Count to ten and switch arms.

Some of the stretches are credited to the Myofascial Release Center, John Barnes PT