Pelvic Lengthening and Pelvic Balance

Pelvic Lengthening and Pelvic Balance from Jessica Nelson LMT CST on Vimeo

As with all our stretches be sure you are familiar with the beginning process of stretching. To ensure no injury is caused read this post if you have not already.

Introductory Information

Bring your right knee up keeping your foot on the floor. Gently press your right foot into the floor. This will bring your hip off the floor slightly. Just enough for your hand to glide under your hip.

pelvic legthening

Hold this for a count of 6 − 8. Repeat with the left leg. Follow the routine in this pattern, right then left, right then left.

Pelvic Balance

After completing this bring your right knee up, grasp and bob lightly 3 times to balance the pelvic area. After the stretching repeat with the left knee. 

All stretches are credited to the Myofascial Release Center, John Barnes PT