Bilateral Variants and Corner Stretch

Bilateral Variants and Corner Stretch from Jessica Nelson LMT CST on Vimeo

As with all our stretches be sure you are familiar with the beginning process of stretching. To ensure no injury is caused read this post if you have not already.

Introductory Information

While keeping your left lower extremity straight and bending the right leg forward, flex through the hips. This is not just touching your toes. Rotate to the opposite side. Angle your upper extremity to the right. Assist the elongation through the left upper extremity by pulling with your right hand toward the floor. Hold this stretch through five deep breaths.

Stand comfortably on both feet. Shift your weight slightly onto your right foot, pressing it into the floor gently. Elongate through your pelvis and legs all the way up through your arm. Press your hand into the wall and your foot into the floor. This will actively elongate the side of the body. Hold this through five deep breaths.

Standing facing a corner, place your hands above your head and your elbows at a ninety degree angle. Lean into the corner feeling the stretch through the shoulders and the front of the upper arms. Hold this stretch through three to five deep breaths. 


All stretches are credited to the Myofascial Release Center, John Barnes PT