Inner Thigh and Piriformis

Inner Thigh and Piriformis from Jessica Nelson LMT CST on Vimeo

As with all our stretches be sure you are familiar with the beginning process of stretching. To ensure no injury is caused read this post if you have not already.

Introductory Information

Lying on the floor with your legs against the wall. Keep your hips a comfortable distance away.

Keep your knees straight but soft (not locked). Use a pillow or rolled up hand towel under your head or neck if needed. You may feel stretching into your pelvis, hips, back and even your neck. Mainly this will stretch your inner thigh muscles. Move your legs apart and relax into this position.

Now lets move into the piriformis stretch. Also known as the on the floor man sit.

Lay on the floor as shown. Place your foot on your knee.

The closer you are to the wall the more of a stretch you will create. Put your hand on your knee. Gently push toward the wall. The goal is to sink into the barrier.

This will stretch through the low back. Be sure to do both sides. 

All stretches are credited to the Myofascial Release Center, John Barnes PT