Quadriceps and Bilateral Trunk Stretch

Quadriceps and Bilateral Trunk Stretch from Jessica Nelson LMT CST on Vimeo

As with all our stretches be sure you are familiar with the beginning process of stretching. To ensure no injury is caused read this post if you have not already.

Introductory Information

After assessing how your connecting with the floor and what pain your feeling we will begin is the Quadriceps Stretch. 

Roll to your right side. Keeping your knees together and aligned with each other, pull your left heel toward your backside keeping your back straight. If you have difficulty with your knees or knee injuries use a hand towel folded length-wise and wrap around the ankle to preform this stretch. Repeat with the right leg.


Now we will move into the Bilateral Trunk Stretch.


While lying on the floor, roll the right hip and the lower extremity to the left. Reaching the right shoulder toward the floor, extend the right lower extremity and point the toes. Telescope through the hip and upper extremity into the opposite direction.

All stretches are credited to the Myofascial Release Center, John Barnes PT