About Ayurveda Manual Therapies

Ayurveda Manual Therapies is here to help. I strive to provide outstanding alternative and complementary healthcare to those who choose a better quality of life.

At Ayurveda, we view the clients body as a complete and interconnected system. Our mutual goal is to help our clients achieve their optimal wellness and become pain-free. To reach these goals, we educate our clients with home exercise programs – tailored to their specific needs – to maintain and extend the benefits of our treatments.

Ayurveda Manual Therapies is a massage practice that brings Lakeland, Florida and surrounding counties, personalized affordable massage therapy. 

Menu of Services

  • New Client consultation $95.00

90 min session with treatment

• Stress-Relief Massage .$65.00 

60 minute session 

• Deep Tissue Massage .$75.00 

60 minute session 



• Myofascial Release .$65.00 

60 minute session 

• Cranio-Sacral Therapy .$65.00 

60 minute session 

• Office Chair Massage .$15.00 

15 minute sessions groups of 5 or more